Clients Say....

“I have known Kathleen O’Connell for years and have, on a number of occasions, had the benefit of her Feng Shui along with the Interior Design service. In my opinion it is the Feng Shui component that really made the difference. The placement of items around the room is what made all the difference. My office seems twice as large and the feel is more “easy”. Had I not taken advantage of Kathleen’s Feng Shui services, my life would have been diminished in ways I would have never fully understood.”

Jim Kelly, Inc. Financial Consulting for Families
702 Rio Grande Street, Austin , TX 78701
Phone: 512-474-8300

“ohmigoshhhhhhhhh, Kathleen. This has been an amazing journey for me---SO very glad for your wonderful, creative, free-thinking, practical, intuitive. heart-centered input!!!”

Mary Frances Myers

”Wow, how can I put the amazingness you have brought to my home into words?!! WOW, WOW, WOW, to put into words what Kathleen has done for me and my family, for our home, is a big one!! She has magically transformed our house into our home! By bringing her loving self whole heartedly into her work and with the uniqueness she offers, through her feng shui services, this was beyond beautiful furniture and pretty paint colors, the flow in my house feels so perfectly right on and specific to me and our home, my house feels comfy, beautiful, fluid and peaceful. People comment on how great our home feels, which is such a compliment, and confirmation that Kathleen's services are
invaluable. Because of Kathleen's warmth and contagious joyfulness, I looked forward to every meeting we had and to just having her in my home. She brought professionalism with lots of spunk and fun. She has super beautified and brought every room to life, we are so happy and grateful for our sanctuary we call home.”

Erica Ingier

“I think the entire project flowed much better together blending the feng shui with the interior design. it really seems to have a calming affect when in the new space. Thanks so much kathleen.”

Robert Palmerton

“I think the feng shui helped target my personal style better. Not only was I astonished at how much the design suited my personal style, but my family and close friends were also. My daughter commented "Mom - this is so you!" when she saw the results.
My home is not only beautifully designed, but very comfortable. Comfort was important to me.”

Helena Tantillo

“Dear Kathleen,
I want to express my sincere thanks for all the work on my behalf.
The result has been so satisfying and rewarding. I feel as though we created a lot of good memories along the way-you know “stories” which I feel is a good thing.”


My home and office feel comfortable, so aesthetically pleasing to me, and cat friendly. Everything is so much more organized, with easy systems, I feel good about maintaining, because they support and grow my business and what’s important to me in life. Thank you for listening and then translating my needs into something that is functional and beautiful. I look forward to working with you again, as i love design and making my homes delightfully fresh and new!”

Betty Ann Bailey

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