Feng Shui Services

Feng shui is the perfect beginning, starting point for almost every project; a great foundation to build
upon. feng shui can benefit you by increasing positive life force or “chi” energy flow so you experience more balance, harmony, love and prosperity in your life. these principles assist you to create an energetically harmonious environment that supports you or your business to fulfill your goals and dreams. it starts with a consultation.

There are different schools of feng shui that have developed over it’s 5000 year history. we have found that a combination of these approaches is most beneficial integrating different techniques such as land form, compass, ba-gua, 4 pillars personalized astrology, cosmology and intuitive; a synthesis for your needs. feng shui can assist you in finding that perfect home or business, space clearing, blessing and setting intention for your current space, energizing and organizing with optimal placement of furniture and furnishings, lighting, color, art, gardens, pools and fountains.

Feng Shui Services:

  • Real Estate, Home or Business Owner Consultation for Staging
    Make Ready to Sell or Rent Residential, Commercial or Corporate Property
  • Finding the Perfect Location for Home or Business
  • On-Site or Off-Site Feng Shui Analysis, Four Pillars Astrology,
    Recommendations and Follow-Up for Home or Business
  • New Building Location and Orientation
  • Implementation of Feng Shui Recommendations
  • Feng Shui for Green Design, Easy Ways to Eco-Greenify Your Spaces
  • Simplify Your Life! Home and Business Consultation
  • Energy Space Clearing and Blessing
  • Perfect Fountain and Water Feature Placement
  • Telephone/Email Consultation
  • Garden Room, Bedroom Sanctuary, Bathroom Spas, Create Deluxe
    Thriving Chi for Your Environment and Life, Room Makeover or Remodel
  • Finding Your Spirit Home
  • Altars For Any Occasion
  • Whatever Your Dream Is....Create the Power of Place for You and Your Dreams to Grow and Flourish!


Services Structure:

  • Our minimum fee is $300 for 2 hours, $120/hour after.
  • Discount package for 22 hours at $2400, get 2.5 hours FREE, a $300 savings!
    50% to begin, 50% upon completion.
  • After initial consultation,we’ll provide a FREE ESTIMATE for your project,
    room makeover, staging to sell or coordinate your move for home or
    business. this estimate will be in two parts:
    1. Feng Shui/Interior Design services fee and
    2. Purchases or rentals costs. We provide added value on your investment. We pass along all of our design discounts on purchases to you. This can be a considerable savings for you. With some architectural selections, for example, such as flooring, you can veritably get our design services free with the savings we give you by extending our wholesale pricing to you.

Feng Shui Consultation and Time:

• feng shui consultation on-site or off-site by telephone

~FREE~ Let’s talk about what you’re creating for your home or business, timeline, budget and schedule your consultation. We’ll need your birth information for you, your family or principles of company (birth month, day, year, hour, location) and a floorplan.
This will take 15-30 minutes.
~.5o-2.oo hours We’ll prepare your four pillars birth analysis. This information translates directly to color and material selections or environmental qualities just right for you. Time depends on how many people.
~2.oo hours approx. FENG SHUI CONSULTATION: We’ll go more in depth with what you’d like to create, your intensions, goals and dreams. At the end of your meeting, we’ll make sure you got what you needed and prioritize the recommendations. Go over your 4 pillars birth analysis. Property and building or home complete walk-through, Feng Shui recommendations and Interior Design tips. We may implement some of the adjustments today or schedule for later. It will be fun, empowering and you’ll receive a CD recording of your consultation. Time depends on size of property.
~2.oo hours approx. FOLLOW UP MEETING: We have found this meeting is key to implementing the ideas that really make a difference for you. We will either make some of the key adjustments identified in our initial consultation or go over your FREE ESTIMATE for your scope specific project.

• space clearing, blessing, setting intension
~2.oo hours approximately depending on size of property

We Look Forward to Working With You!

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