About Kathleen

Kathleen O’Connell Interior Design and Feng Shui was the first firm in Austin, Texas to incorporate Feng Shui Geomancy, the ancient chinese art of placement, as the foundation for their Interior Design services. Now, after working with hundreds of residential and commercial clients, we have seen the synergistic benefits of this combined approach. We believe the feng shui principles of how to place yourself and the objects in your environment, to receive the optimum benefit from your surroundings, is perfectly combined with the principles of timeless and sustainable design.

To walk into your home or business and say, AH! ..., because it feels so good and looks and functions great! We design spaces that engage your senses, inspire the imagination, and bring you into a gentle natural balance with your surroundings and life. We believe your spaces should be designed to rejuvenate your spirit and live your dreams. It’s that simple. Kathleen has been called a “flowing fountain” of visionary, innovative, practical and fun ideas.

Kathleen O’Connell provides complete onsite feng shui and interior design consultations of commercial buildings, residential homes and property in Austin, the greater Texas Hill Country area and onsite and offsite evaluations worldwide.

Kathleen is delighted to assist you to create an environment for you to live life to the fullest in a balanced and harmonious manner. We help to co-create balance, harmony and beauty one place and one person at a time.

For more information call 512.550.7788 or go to the contact page and email us at kokodesigns@yahoo.com.

Kathleen’s Education

1981~1984 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, Austin, Texas, Liberal Arts
1984~1988 TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY, San Marcos, Texas, Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, Minor in Fine Art. Interior Design projects included semi-submersible research resort complex set in Caribbean, Research on Healing Affects of Color and Light in Healthcare Environment, Restaurant, Hospitality, Corporate and Residential.
8 week intensive program with international best selling author Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, The Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii
1995 MEDIATION CERTIFICATION, Certified Mediator State of Texas
1996~2000 FENG SHUI GEOMANCY STUDY, with Feng Shui Masters from around the world in Prague, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Los Angeles, California, New York, New York and Austin Texas. Form School or Landscape School, Compass School, Five Elements, Four Pillars Personal Astrology & Intuitive School
2004~2008 LANDMARK EDUCATION, Austin, Texas, Completed Curriculum for Living and coached Self Expression and Leadership Program

Kathleen’s Community Passions

2005~present LOVE OUR SPRINGS COMMUNITY CEREMONY, Barton Springs, Austin, Texas. co-created annual event for community to celebrate our love of water with music, dance, spoken word and ceremony to raise awareness for the soul of our city, that barton springs may thrive and flow eternal! bartonsprings.net
2007 WORLD SACRAD MUSIC FESTIVAL, Fes, Morocco, fesfestival.com, attendee, writer for getyourdreamon.com, the festival was created to honor all the world’s spiritual traditions through music to create harmony and peace in the world.
2007 MASURU EMOTO’S INTERNATIONAL LOVE AND THANKS TO WATER CEREMONY, Cerler, Spain. attendee, writer, see my “WE ARE WATER!” story featured on the front page of getyourdreamon.com
2009 FLOW~FOR LOVE OF WATER CONFERENCE, Wimberley, Texas. co~created with Holistic Management International,  holisticmanagemnt.org, a three day conference that featured top speakers and fascinating interactive workshops to bring appreciation, awareness and action for a sustainable future. curated “The Allure of Water” art show with 40+ artists. coordinated final water ceremony at
Jacob’s Well. Fun Aside: It had hardly rained in the Texas Hill Country for about 2 years; we were in drought status. It rained almost continuously during our whole 3-day event! It was magical!

Kathleen’s Business Experience

1988~1990 BLAKEMAN DESIGN ASSOCIATES, interior design associate, specializing in healthcare and corporate design. Also, Editor of IBD Institute of Business Designers Austin Monthly Newsletter during this time.
1990~1995 TERRA NOVA TEX-STYLES, co-creator, importer of hand-loomed textiles and clothing from Guatemala. Worked with amazing weavers to design and loom custom textiles and then designed high-end custom furniture and furnishings, marketed and sold throughout the United States. Also, imported hemp textiles from Hungary and China.
1993-1996 COTTON PLUS, marketing, sales and design, collaborated with the largest U.S. organic cotton growers co-op in O’Donnell, Texas, West Texas. Worked with textile mills in New York to produce organic textiles and organic blankets and sold in U.S. Assisted with naming and marketing the first organic tampon produced in the States.
1996~1998 GRAPHIC DESIGN COMPANY, ECO-CUTS LAWN SERVICE & CHASE BANK, AUSTIN, TEXAS, ART CURATOR, ECT... orchestrated various businesses while studying feng shui
1998~present KATHLEEN O’CONNELL INTERIOR DESIGN AND FENG SHUI, principal, interior design, project management, The first Interior Designer in Austin, Texas to incorporate Feng Shui Geomancy as the foundation for her residential and commercial clients, now she has worked with hundreds of people to create their dream environments.

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